2022 Meeting – Warwick

Autophagy UK Network Meeting 2022

Our 7th annual national meeting for researchers in the field of autophagy was held on 03-04 October 2022 at Scarman, University of Warwick.

Below are the winners of the talks and poster prizes: Keith Boyle, Jake Cross, Wenxin Zhang, George N. Chiduza, Francesco Barone, Natasha Aley. Congratulations all!


Conference schedule
Keynote talks 45 min (40 min + 5 min questions)
Top scoring abstract talks: 20 min (15 min + 5 min questions)
Selected talks 15 min (12 min + 3 min questions)

Monday 3rd October 2022
9.30 Registration open, coffee

11.00 Welcome Ioannis Nezis

11.15 Keynote speaker: Sylvie Urbe (University of Liverpool) Regulation of mitophagy and pexophagy by DUBs and E3 ligases

Session 1 – Chair: Bernadette Carroll
12.00 Wenxin Zhang (Francis Crick Institute): Cis-membrane association of human ATG8 proteins N-terminus mediates autophagy

12.15 Keith Boyle (MRC LMB): Conjugation of LC3 to damaged endomembranes upon detection of sphingomyelin exposure by TECPR1.

12.30 Viktor Korolchuk (Newcastle University): Mechanisms of basal mitophagy in human cells

12.50 – 14.30 Lunch, posters and company stands

Session 2 – Chair: Jon Lane
14.30 Thomas McWilliams (University of Helsinki): Metabolism and mitophagy regulation in physiological space and time (Invited speaker)

14.50 Natalia Jimenez-Moreno (University of Edinburgh): Discovery and characterisation of ER-phagy protein networks

15.05 Raksha Gohel (University of Warwick): Characterisation of organellophagy in Drosophila

15.20 Marina Garcia-Macia (The Institute for Biomedical Research of Salamanca) Defective autophagy disrupts neuron metabolism in CLN7 neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis

15.35– 16.30 Coffee, posters and company stands

WIA coffee break: WIA is a volunteer-run international scientific network founded in 2020 to provide educational opportunities for trainees and early-stage researchers in the field of autophagy and to serve as a leadership platform for women and other under-represented identities. Membership is free and open to all. To join and learn more visit womeninautophagy.com

Session 3 – Chair: Vignir Helgason
16.30 Katharina Lorentzen (University of Dundee) Using nanobodies to manipulate mitophagy

16.45 Brent Ryan (University of Oxford) Integrating animal and human iPSC neuronal models with CRISPRi to understand mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease

17.00 Aina Mogas Barcons (University of Sheffield) Mitophagy abnormalities in parkin mutant Parkinson’s patient-derived neurons and microglia: How do the mitochondrial and lysosomal abnormalities fit in?

17.15 Joe Jones (University of Glasgow) High-throughput validation of pre-clinical ULK1 inhibitors for treatment of autophagy-dependent cancers

17.30 Coffee Break

18.00 Keynote speaker: Patricia Boya (University of Fribourg) – Selective autophagy as a new therapeutic strategy for retinal diseases

19.00 Dinner

21.00 Networking

Tuesday 4th October 2022
9.15 Keynote speaker: Ian Ganley (University of Dundee) Investigating the interplay between mitophagy and pexophagy

Session 4 – Chair: Simon Wilkinson
10.00 Sovan Sarkar (University of Birmingham) NAD depletion mediates cytotoxicity in human neurons with autophagy deficiency

10.20 Beren Aylan (The Francis Crick Institute) Differential control of cytosolic and phagosomal Mycobacterium tuberculosis replication by ATG7 and ATG14 in human macrophages

10.35 Natasha Aley (LMCB UCL) ATG4B mediates beta-catenin expression and 3D spheroid formation in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

10.50 – 11.45 Coffee, posters and company stands

Session 5 – Chair: Maria Jimenez-Sanchez
11.45 Elena Marcassa (The Francis Crick Institute) CASM activation by SARS-CoV2 Envelope protein

12.00 Jake Cross (Babraham Institute) ATG8 is conjugated directly to damaged lysosomes via non-canonical autophagy/CASM

12.15 Elise Jacquin (Université Paris-Saclay) Interplay between STING and non-canonical autophagy in innate and adaptive immune cells.

12.30 – 14.00 Lunch, posters and company stands

Session 6 – Chair: Michelangelo Campanella
14.00 Madhu Kollareddy (University of Bristol) Human ATG8s stimulate autophagy gene expression through LIR-type binding to the LMX1B transcription factor

14.15 Carmen Figueras Novoa (The Francis Crick Institute) Caspase cleavage of Influenza A virus M2 as a regulator of infection-induced LC3 lipidation

14.30 Muhammed Kocak (The Institute of Cancer Research) Identification of autophagosome composition by proteomics

14.45 Kanchan Phadwal (The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh) Dysfunctional mitophagy in arterial calcification – a novel target in cardiovascular diseases.

15.00 Carla Salomo Coll (University of Edinburgh): CCPG1 is a tumour suppressor in pancreatic cancer

15.15: Poster and Best Talk prizes

15.30 Closing remarks (Ioannis Nezis)